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Saturday French Classes
for Children

We regret that from September 2013, we will no longer be opening classes for reception children. Other age groups may still enrol. Contact for vacancies.

Throughout our teaching we apply the principle that children enjoy learning and that they are curious about language. Am Stram Gram’s French classes take place from September until July. The children receive one hour’s tuition per week in a small class of around 10 children. The lessons are structured into short sequences of songs, rhymes and games. Craft work is also included in our syllabus. Classes take place at Fairkytes Arts Centre in Hornchurch, opposite the Queen’s Theatre.
Parents are required to attend the classes with their children. We encourage parents to sing along, play games and learn alongside their children. This partnership works very well and contributes to the enjoyment of learning.

For children in the following classes at primary school: 


The children learn familiar words and develop a good ear for French sounds. We associate words and objects and build up the foundation to learning French.  

Year 1

We learn more words and we start to make short sentences. We are starting to think our own sentences. We welcome new children in this class.

Year 2

Building on from previous years, we continue to make sentences and we are developing fluency since we continue to practise what we have learned so far. With confidence, we are more creative with our structures and vocabulary. New children are welcome.  

Year 3

Our sentences become more complex. We learn how to ask questions, now that we know how sentences work. Our fluency is coming along very well. We are still using the very first structures and words we learned in year 1.

Year 4 and Year 5

We are learning fewer new structures now. Instead, we keep practising what we have learned with Am Stram Gram so far, because the aim of this class is to achieve fluency in all the structures and words that we know. We are quite creative and becoming quite independent in our constructions.    

Drama Club 

We put all our knowledge together in this last class which is our drama class.  We are ready for secondary school. We like learning French, we have learned a lot and we are confident because we have a solid foundation in the language.

For details of the time these classes, or for any other enquiry, call Valerie on 01708 221487 or email: Leave a message on my answer phone if I’m teaching and I will call you back.

If you wish to enrol please download the pdf enrolment form and send to the address on the form together with payment. Please call for current fees.